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Frequently Asked Questions

GO4TV service brings the ultimate experience in watching national, regional and local TV and radio stations from Serbia and Ex-YU region. Best TV channels, high-quality image, 7 days catch-up and electronic program guide are just some of the features of our service. Domestic films are also available in the Max package. To use the service you need to have the Internet.

The minimum speed required for optimal watching of the TV programmes via GO4YU STB device is 2 Mbps for SD channels and 8 Mbps for HD channels. 

GO4TV service is available in EU countries (except Slovenia and Croatia), in Switzerland, United States and Canada for now. 

Yes, all TV programs (if not indicated otherwise) are streaming live TV content. The TV program scheme depends on the TV editorial policy, whose program you are watching via the GO4TV service. 

With catch-up service it is possible to watch TV programmes backwards (up to 7 days back) on several TV channels.

In this moment it is not possible to record content.

There is no contractual obligation. The GO4TV service is based on prepaid, respectively you pay in advance. 

There are several ways to purchase GO4TV subscription:

- On

- At our stores or in shops of GO4YU distributors.



At this moment, GO4TV service is not available on computers.

It is common practice that payment is processed immediately. If after a few minutes you cannot watch all TV programs, please contact GO4YU customer care service. 


GO4YU has the right to define different prices for different markets. In addition, prices may vary due to different tax rates. In Europe, the Value Added Tax (VAT), which is different from country to country, is added on the net price of the subscription and tax on digital services is charged in the territory of the United States of America and Canada. 

If you have paid subscription over portal, log in to your GO4YU account and under My account turn off Auto-pay option.



You can buy a set-top box device on portal. Select prefered GO4TV package, duration and than check that you want STB device. Depending on the period for which you are buying service, the price of STB device will be different. Take advantage of promotional benefits for subscription for 12 and 24 months and buy a STB device at better price. You can buy a set-top box at the GO4YU stores or via the distribution network.



You can find detailed instructions for connecting a set-top box device to your router and TV device in the section Activation instructions.

Detailed instructions for using STB devices can be found  in the section Activation instructions.

You can only use the GO4YU set-top box. You cannot use another set-top box device and just buy GO4TV subscription.